Angels bring comfort, protection, guidance and blessings. Here we offer a selection of our loveliest Angelic Gifts, to serve as a reminder that our angels are always with us.

 We have a one-off UK P&P charge of £3.95, no matter how many items you buy. (For the rest of Europe, this is £6.95.)


A beautiful Guardian Angel Suncatcher, made with Austrian Lead Crystals and metal, and finished with a chain and hook for hanging.

The suncatcher and crystal measures 12cm in height approx, with the total length including chain being 21cm approx.

Comes in a white organza pouch.

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Tiny gemstone angels to keep in your pocket, to remind you that the angels are always with you! They measure 2.5cm x 1.7cm x 0.9cm approx at widest points, & come in an organza pouch with a little descriptive card attached. Price is for one angel. Choose from the following:

Amethyst ~ Bringer of Protection   

Keywords: intuition, clarity, protection; Chakra: Third Eye / Brow; Astrological: Aquarius & Pisces

Jasper ~ For Creative Inspiration

Keywords: creativity, energy, grounding; Chakra: Base & Sacral; Astrological: Aries & Leo

Opalite ~ Bringer of Peace

Keywords: Spiritual, angelic, peace; Chakra: Crown (man-made)

Quartz, Clear ~ Bringer of Healing Energy

Keywords: energy, clarity, master healer; Chakra: Crown; Astrological: Aquarius

Quartz, Rose ~ Bringer of Unconditional Love

Keywords: love, compassion, calming; Chakra: Heart; Astrological: Taurus

Rhodonite ~ Believe In Yourself - Let your light shine!

Keywords: strength, love, compassion; Chakra: Heart & Base; Astrological:Taurus

Tiger Eye ~ Confidence & Safe Travels (sorry, out of stock)

Keywords: willpower, courage, confidence; Chakra: Solar Plexus; Astrological: Leo

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This is a stunning little Angel, handcrafted in stained glass by Hazel Banks Glass, Scotland. Measures 5.2cm x 5.7cm at widest points (not including ribbon). Beautiful when hung in a sunny window where she will catch the sun's rays.

She comes attractively packaged in a handmade paper box with a little card which says "My Special Angel". Available in pale blue or pale pink (a selection of other colours are available to purchase in store). A beautiful gift for a new baby, or anyone who deserves a little angel magic in their lives! 

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