These beautiful sprays by reknowned author and healer Hazel Raven bring together synergestic blends of pure essential oils, gem elixirs, sound and reiki energy. They can be used in healing, meditation, space clearing, or just to make your home smell and feel divine! Each glass bottle contains 50 mls of spray. To use, gently mist your aura, or any object or area you wish to enhance.

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Angel of the Animals ~ Animal Healing ~ This angelically-inspired essence provides supprtive and nurturing space for those working to heal the animal kingdom. To use, mist your palm chakras before giving therapy.

Contains gem essence of sea jasper, Botswana agate, blue lace agate, red coral, marcasite and smoky quartz, with purified water and essential oil blend.

Holy Guardian Angel ~ An amazing joyful encounter awaits you. This unique essence invokes the presence of your Guardian Angel by activating your Angelic chakra. This attunement brings love, warmth and an overwhelming sense of peace and well-being. Angelic communication is enhanced.

Contains crystal essence of seraphinite with pyrite, rose quartz, angelite, selenite, danburite, bi-coloured celestite, with purified water and essential oil blend.

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