These beautiful sprays by reknowned author and healer Hazel Raven bring together synergestic blends of pure essential oils, gem elixirs, sound and reiki energy. They can be used in healing, meditation, space clearing, or just to make your home smell and feel divine! Each glass bottle contains 50 mls of spray. To use, gently mist your aura, or any object or area you wish to enhance.

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ArchAngel Gabriel's Call ~ Angelic Guidance

Awaken your "Inner Angel" and receive ArchAngel Gabriel's gifts of guidance, spiritual awakening and purification.

Contains crystal essence of alexandrite, amethyst, danburite, moldavite, phenacite and ruby, with purified water and essential oil blend. 

ArchAngel Haniel's Glory ~ Angelic Communciation

A warrior energy, providing spiritual armour to protect your soul when faced with obstacles and negativity, assisting in the fulfilment of your life's mission through Divine communication.

Contains crystal essence of aquamarine, blue danburite, gem silica, indicolite, larimar, bi-coloured celestite and blue topaz, with purified water, alcohol and essential oil blend.

ArchAngel Jophiel's Illumination ~ Angelic Wisdom

ArchAngel Jophiel ~ who's mame means "Beauty of God" ~ connects you to your higher self, wisdom, intuition, perception, joy, bliss and soul illumination.

Contains crystal essence of amblygonite, golden topaz, sunshine aura quartz, sunstone, yellow apatite, yellow calcite, yellow sapphire, and gold, with activated purified water and pure essential oils. 

ArchAngel Michael's Empowerment ~ Angelic Protection

Brings freedom, releases fears, strengthens faith and inner fortitude. Grounding, giving immediate practical assistance. Instant protection from physical and spiritual dangers. Activates the Hara centre, strengthens meridian system.

Contains crystal essence of blue kyanite, lapis, phenacite, pyrite, rutile quartz and blue topaz, with purified water and essential oil blend. 

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ArchAngel Raphael's Dream ~ Angelic Healing

The blessings, mercy and compassion of ArchAngel Raphael and his legions of healing angels gently bring healing and wholeness for body, mind, spirit, soul and relationships.

Contains crystal essence of aphrodite, blue herderite, gem silica, moldavite and phenacite, with purified water and essential oils.

ArchAngel Sandalphon ~ Guardian of the Earth

Sandalphon, ArchAngel of the earth, is in charge of earth healing and planetary group work, by uniting heaven and earth. By holding the Divine presence on planet earth, Sandalphon teaches us to have a grounded reality and balanced spirituality.

Contains crystal essence of red beryl, geothite in amethyst, yellow sapphire, rainbow labradorite, black druzy quartz, cinnabar, Spanish red quartz, El Chorro azeztulite, vanadinite and ruby, with purified water, alcohol and essential oil blend.

ArchAngel Uriel's Initiation ~ Angelic Peace

ArchAngel Uriel brings wisdom to our "Earth Walk" and illuminates our "path through life". This essence is vital for those who feel lost, abandoned, rejected or alone. Peace and harmony are restored with Uriel's illumination.

Contains crystal essence of black kyanite, rainbow labradorite, malachite, opal, phenacite, ruby in zoisite, with purified water and essential oil blend.

Angel of Light ~ ArchAngel Seraphiel ~ Healing and Angelic Protection

Creates a harmonious, sacred, safe, healing environment. Clears and releases spaces with built up negative emotional, psychic and mental energies. Use for healing, angelic attunement and meditation practice. Can be used to clear crystals and stagnant energy.

Contains crystal essence of angelite, aquamarine, azeztulie, danburite, morganite, seraphinite and lazer quartz, with purified water and essential oil blend. 

Angel of Ascension ~ ArchAngel Metatron

Creates a vortex of energy which instantly aligns all the chakras on the physical body and activates the 8th and 14th transcendental chakras above the head. Used for enhanced meditation, inspiration, full light body activation and spiritual evolution.

Contains crystal essence of phenacite (White Light - Madagascar facet gem, hexagonal cut six-pointed star, weight 49 carats), with purified water and essential oil blend.

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White Tara ~ Enlightenment ~ Helps us to chanel our lower survival energies towards the quest for our soul's enlightenment. Deepens meditation practice and aids spiritual development.

Contains crystal essence of herkimer diamond, danburite, petalite, azeztulite, El Chorro azez, Satyloka quartz, white celestite and phenacite, with purified water and essential oil blend.

Mary Magdalene ~ Lady Nada ~ Guardian of the Divine Feminine blue ascension ray, which is the balance polarity of the Christ Consciousness. As the Lady Master Nada, I am the Chohan of the Sixth Ray and my primary retreat is over the Arabian Peninsular, northeast of the Red Sea. Activate the Magdalene flame and anchor it in your own heart.

Contains crystal essence of azeztulie merkabah, rhodonite, chiastolite, ruby in zoisite, morganite, rubellite, black sapphire, Ohio bi-coloured calcite. Lovingly produced using the full sun method in a natural white spirit geode from the Bahrain Desert with distilled activated healing water and essential oils.

Kwan Yin ~ Compassion ~ Kwan Yin is known as the Goddess of Mercy. She brings the gift of compassion or Karuna. This allows the Bodhichitta energy to flow, transforming the mind, bringing enlightenment. To activate use the Kwan Yin Mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum".

Contains crystal essence of amethyst, aquamarine, coral (white), danburite, morganite, pearl, rose quartz and tanzanite. Made in a frosted quartz singing bowl tuned to the crown chakra B, with purified water and essential oil blend. 

Green Tara ~ Saviourness ~ Quick path to wisdom and immediate protection. "Om Tara Tuttare Ture Svaha"

Contains crystal essence of moldavite, carved into the beautiful image of Green Tara, with purified water and essential oil blend. 

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Dragon ~ This essence is both uplifting and grounding, nurturing and inspiring. It reminds us that no matter how spiritual we might perceive ourselves to be we must bring that energy into full manifestation for the benefit of all.

Unicorn ~ Each of us holds an individual 'vision' of our unicorn, be they beautiful, wild, proud, shining, inquisitive, peaceful, humble, immaculate, winged, angelic, mysterious, enigmatic, transcendental, pure, elegant, graceful, excellent, marvellous, sublime or divine. These etheric beings are in our memory, as they used to guide us, much like angels in the time of Atlantis and Lemuria.

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