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Capricorn ~ December 22 - January 19

Driven & ambitious, Capricorn is not content until the mountain is climbed & the challenge isámet. Organized & practical, they are cautious & reserved, but are true & loyal lifelong friends when they decide it is deserved. For all the signs of the Zodiac it is a truth, indeed, that Capricorn will stick by you when you are truly in need. You are a very special part of my universe.

Aquarius ~ January 20 - February 18

Friendly & optimistic, this sign can equally be content in crowds of people or meditating by the sea. Eccentric & original, no rule is written in stone; they'll seek a better way & write a new rule of their own. They see into the future & have a vision of a world of peace & harmony, filled with brotherly love. You are a very special part of my universe.

Pisces ~ February 19 - March 20

In the twelfth & final house, all qualities combine to create the Two Fishes, Pisces' celestial sign. Unimpressed by rank & riches, Piscean yearns for life to bring a sense of spiritual unity with every living thing. For Pisces dreams the future & can feel how life could be if everyone said, "I will honour in you the light that dwells in me". You are a very special part of my universe.

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