What's new in Opal Moon...where we've been, what we've seen...and some general musings!

~ 2020 ~

January 19th - Restocking again after the busy Festive season! Our tarot and oracle shelves are brimming once more with lovely new decks to bring some fresh inspiration for 2020. Our current fave is the beautiful Goddess Dream Oracle by Painting Dreams - we love Wendy Andrews art and the gentle yet powerful energy of this deck.


January 17th - Our 2020 Calendar Sale has now started in earnest! We have some really lovely ones left over this year, now reduced by up to half price. Grab yourself a beautiful bargain, before they're all snapped up!


January 12th - You might notice some changes with our shop pages in the next few weeks, we're just doing a bit of (pre) spring cleaning, getting rid of some old items, and adding some new. Hoping that this will give a better, more up to date picture of what's in the shop these days.

January 3rd - After a little break to relax and revive, we're back, with some lovely inspirations to get 2020 off to a bright and positive start. Happy New Year!


~ 2019 ~

December  24th - Wishing all of our customers a Merry Yule and a Happy New Year, thank you for making 2019 another great year for us!


December 18th - Just to let you know, our opening hours over the festive season are the same as always, closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day, as well as the first and second of January. All other days, we are open, so happy shopping!


December 8th - It's so damp and chilly outside today! Thought I'd share some firey dragon pics to keep away the cold. Lovely hand painted dragon's eye pendants by Hayley at Hayley's Traditional Art.


December 1st - We're starting to feel quite Festive here in Opal Moon land! The fairy lights are up and we have lots of lovely things to inspire and tempt you! We're open from 11am till 5.30 pm on Sundays through December too.


 November 22nd - Online Shop Fault. Unfortunately our Online Shop has a fault with the Shopping Cart, so we are currently unable to receive orders. The Online Shop pages are all still available to view and we are keeping them as up-to-date as possible. If you would like to place an order, please just take a note of the items you would like, and contact us direct. You can do this by calling the shop on 0141 576 0113 (please leave a message if we are unable to answer the phone), email us at opal-moon@hotmail.co.uk, or message us on Facebook or Instagram. We're very sorry about this inconvenience and hope to have everything back to normal soon.


Nov 21st - Thought I'd just pop on here to say hello! We've been so busy lately, with lots of new stock arriving daily, there's not been much time left for anything else! Hope you're having a lovely day, whatever you're up to... 


November 3rd - Stay Wild Moon Child! Some lovely new wooden hangings just in - handmade and fair trade, all the way from beautiful Bali. You'll find them on the "Wall Hangings & Decor" page too.

Tree of Life Plaque  Hand of Fatima Plaque  Stay Wild Moon Child Plaque

October 30th - Delighted to add this gorgeous Calendula & Shea Salve to our range by Wild Ona. Perfect for this time of year, it nourishes and protects even the driest and most sensitive skin. Kristina's products are all handmade, with only pure and natural ingredients, here in Glasgow.

Wild Ona 

October 18th - We've been stocking these lovely lotus flower tea light holders for years, and I'm still besotted with them! Made from sustainable capiz shell, they glow beautifully when lit. Available in an array of colours, fully stocked on all right now.

Lotus Tea Light Holders  Lotus Tea Light Holders

October 15th - Always excited to get a delivery of new ceramic creations from Wyn Abbot - finding the hare tree mug VERY hard to resist!

Wyn Abbot Bowls  Wyn Abbot Goddesses  Wyn Abbot Mug & Hares  Wyn Abbot Bowls

October 10th - It may be dull and rainy outside, but inside we are sparkly! Eco-friendly biodegradable Fairy Dust, guaranteed to brighten the darkest of days.

Fairy Dust 

October 4th - Losing myself in the warm glow of this amazing Carnelian Flame crystal...wonderful inspiring and nurturing energy, perfect for autumn.

Carnelian  Carnelian  Carnelian

September 28th - A few pics of our wee shop today, lots of new stock been coming in this week...

Shop Display  Opal Moon Shelves  ShopDisplay  opal Moon Window

September 14th - Our little collection of Shungite - which has to be one of the most important minerals around right now. It is a powerful antioxidant, and can be used to purify water amongst other things. Vitally it helps to protect against the effects of EMFs, so it is a really powerful ally as we become more and more reliant on all manner of electrical appliances. Elite shungite is the purest variety, with a much higher percentage of carbon.

Shungite  Shungite

September 5th - Our Charity Crystals - smudged, sounded and reiki-ed, and now ready to find new homes. All crystals are donations, with proceeds going to Friends of the Earth. If you'd like to donate crystals just bring them along, all gratefully received, or if you'd just like to donate, that would fab too.

Crystal Donations  Crystal Donations  Crystal Basket

August 30th - Our 2020 calendars & diaries are starting to drift in, including my favourite Earth Pathways Diary (which I'm trying to resist leafing through as I don't want to spoil the surprise). There are more to follow too!

 Witches Calendar 2020  2020 Diaries and Calendars  Witches Datebook 2020

August 28th - Lighting a special Opal Moon candle today in celebration of our 28th birthday! Feeling incredibly grateful to be here, and to be so well supported by all of our customers and friends throughout the years. A deep bow of thanks to each and every one of you from all of us here in Opal Moon - Joan, Al, Eryn, Hayley & Jack.

Opal Moon Candle  Birthday Celebration

August 25th - Some beautiful new art adorning our shelves from UK artist Free Range Faeries - cards, prints, notebooks and lovely wee pocket mirrors...we are away with the faeries!

Free Range Faeries Display 

July 29th - Taking delivery of two amazing new books by Andrew Steed, Celtic Shamanic Practitioner and Bard. Entitled "Children of the Evolution" and "Magical Crows & Ravens", there is so much wisdom in both of them.

Andrew Steed and Joan  Andrew Steed Books

 July 25th - Over the moon to have this lovely new Summer Fire Touchfire candle to add to the range! These candles are so beautiful - each one is uniquely layered with pure essential oils and is a little work if art in it's own right! We have some available to buy on our website too, see the Candles page.

Touchfire Candles  Touchfire Candles  Touchfire Candles

July 22nd - Just stocked up on our lantern selection, lots of different colours and styles...

Clear Star Lantern  Moroccan Style Lanterns  Coloured Star Lantern

July 17th - A little sparkle to lift your spirit this grey rainy day! Lovely new Tree of Life Dreamcatchers just arrived.

Tree Dreamcatcher 

 July 10th - Having fun today with these beautiful bowls from Bali! Hand-blown glass which whilst still hot is relaxed over a piece of Gamal root. Lovely with crystals, plants, herbs & flower petals. Each one is unique, natural and ethically produced.

Molded Glass Bowl on Wood 

July 6th - Following on from our last post on crystals, here's an idea to keep the energy flowing! As crystal enthusiasts we collect so much over the years, and quite often end up with pieces which we no longer connect with or have a use for. So we thought it would be a good plan to start a Crystal Charity Basket, to give those unwanted crystals a new lease of life! All proceeds will go to Friends of the Earth to support the wonderful environmental work that they do. Donations of all crystals and gemstones are gratefully received, please just drop them in to us at the shop and we'll do the rest!


June 28th - A word or two on ethical crystals. We love crystals here in Opal Moon, and over the last twenty seven-plus years of trading, are delighted to have brought these beautiful earth treasures to you. We've found that interest in crystals has increased so much over the past few years, which is wonderful, as more and more people benefit from the bright, positive energy that they bring. However, as crystals are generally mined or taken from the earth, the danger is that the balance is being lost as their popularity continues to increase. Sadly, unethical suppliers can over-mine areas to meet these increasing demands, and employ underage workers, with bad working conditions and poor wages.

As a small business it is our priority to trade as ethically and mindfully as we can. We are fortunate to have just a few select crystal suppliers, who we've been trading with for many years, and who we trust to offer us the best, ethical crystals possible. The crystals on our shelves are often sourced from small, family-run businesses whom our suppliers have long relationships with. They can see where the crystals come from, direct from the source, the environmental conditions by which they are mined, and working conditions, including how workers live and how much they are paid.

We are currently putting together information for you to have a look at on the ethics behind the crystals we sell, and are continuing to be updated on any developments by our suppliers. We'll happily pass any information on to you, in the hope that we can all be happy that the crystals we choose to have in our lives have the good energy that we want them to have. Maybe it's also time to redress the balance a bit...it's quality not quantity, as the saying goes!

Queen Margaret Drive Festival  Opal Moon''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s Bubbles!

June 23rd - The annual Queen Margaret Drive Street Festival took place today, the weather was great and we had a fabulous turnout. Thanks to everyone who came along, hope you had a nice time!

Incense Leaves  Incense Leaves  Incense Leaves

June 15th - Love these latest additions to our incense range! Beautiful incense leaves, made with all natural ingredients, including pure essential oils and botanical extracts. The smudging wands are my favourite - choose from juniper wild sage or frankincense. Have just added them to our online shop - you'll find them on the "Sage & Smudge Sticks" page.

Looking Out  Window Display

 June 10th - Here comes the sun! Enjoying every moment of light as it filters through our sunny window.

Moon Mirror with Crystals 

May 21st - Love this crescent moon mirror, perfect for bringing a little lunar magic into your home! Couldn't resist surrounding it with a little crystal sparkle too.

Meraylah Cards 

May 7th - So happy to have some greeting cards by Meraylah back in our shop again! Just love her gentle, intricate depictions of nature.

Crystals  Crystals  Crystals  Crystals

May 1st - Happy crystals...have spent some time cleansing, clearing and rejigging our crystal cabinet, with some new additions too...

Lupus Wolf Statue  Ashling Harmony Dreamcatcher  Amethyst Custodian Dragon  Wise Oak Plaque  Song of the Wild Wolves bust

April 26th - Here's a selection of some nice new things just in, from the left: Lupus wolf statue, Ashling Harmony dreamcatcher, Amethyst Custodian dragon, Wise Oak plaque, and Song of the Wild bust. Plenty more of their ilk on the shelves now!

Oracle Cards  Oracle Cards

April 19th - So many lovely new tarot and oracle decks on our shelves at the moment - perfect for some springtime inspiration! 

Gaia Bust  Mother Earth Statue  Triple Goddess Statue

April 7th - Basking in gorgeous Goddess energy...some divine new statues, just added to the "Goddesses & Green Men" page.

Buddha and Mala Beads  Singing Bowls  Singing Bowl

March 30th - Beautiful new singing bowls just arrived...all hand-beaten, fair trade from Tibet. Singing bowls, Tingsha cymbals and bells make wonderful space clearing tools - and the beauty of them is that you can use them whenever and wherever you feel the need - a small bowl or pair of cymbals is easy to carry. They are a wonderful alternative to burning sage or palo santo. They can be used to bring focus and clarity to your meditation or yoga practice, to clear energetic blocks and bring healing energy, and to cleanse and energise crystals or other objects. And they are beautiful!

Bee Stone  Butterfly Stone  Hare Stone  Raven Stone

March 23rd - Hayley's been busy! We have a lovely new gathering of handpainted creatures in our cabinet again...

Palo Santo and Sage 

March 15th - Californian White Sage and Palo Santo...as many of you know, we've been selling these products for a long, long time...and benefiting from the wonderful, clearing, cleansing energy they offer. We've been careful to stock only ethically sourced products from reputable suppliers. However, we are becoming increasingly aware of the impact that the popularity of these beautiful products is having on the land they are sourced from, and on the native people who originally used these sacred herbs in their spiritual work. So, we've decided to run our supplies of both Palo Santo and Californian White Sage down...we have a plentiful supply at the moment, but when it runs out, we won't be restocking. We have many other ideas and suggestions for space clearing to share with you. We hope you won't be too disappointed and will join with us in investigating kinder alternatives.

Sprays Shelf  Green Men Plaques  Wall Hanging and Cards

March 7th - A quiet morning so I thought I'd take you on a little mini tour of our shop...

       Incense Displays  Crystal Shelves

March 2nd - Oooh so excited! We've just had a delivery from Vicky at ARTstrings - some more of her lovely creations to adorn our walls! Everything about these hangings is created by hand, using recycled materials. The smaller hangings also double up as bookmarks.

Artstrings Hangings  Artstrings Hangings  Artstrings Hearts

February 18th - Love this beautiful new lavender balm, created here in Glasgow by Kristina at Wild Ona Botanical Skincare. This herbal salve can be used to treat dry skin, as a luxurious handcream or a sleep balm. Made with the Wild things, and nothing else...

Wild Ona Balm 

February 9th - Love you to the Opal Moon and back! With Valentine's Day just around the corner, we're feeling all warm and fuzzy.

Cards Display  Angel With Heart  Hanging Crystals

February 7th - A few lovely, magical things from our new Online Shop page ~ The Moon and the Hare.

Reach for the Moon Card  Lepus Hare  Crescent Moon Pendant  Moon Gazing Hare Plaque

 January 25th - Been busy buying crystals this week! Here are some of our some of our latest additions.

Selenite Display  Selenite Heart  Crystal Display

January 11th - Excited to announce the arrival of our new "Purify and Protect" kit! We've gathered together a selection of lovely items with bright, positive energy to help out when things are feeling especially negative and heavy. Each kit comes with a guide for use. For more details, see the "Sage & Smudge Sticks" page.

Purify and Protect Kit 

January 7th - Happy New Year everyone! Our window's looking bright and beautiful in the sun today, with some lovely new stained glass pieces by Rachael at 3 Sisters Crafts.

Stained Glass Display   Stained Glass Hare   Stained Glass Cat   Stained Glass Hare

~ 2018 ~

December 24th - Thank you for your kind support, friendship and custom over the past year. Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Yule - may it be peaceful, magical and bright!

Christmas Decor 

December 17th - Some gorgeous lapus lazuli pieces just in... rich blue speckled with pyrite, lapis is a stone long associated with psychic development & dreamwork. A beautiful Sagittarian birthstone.

Lapis Lazuli Crystal Display 

December 12th - New stock arriving daily...but where to put it ? Think we have every inch of the shop covered now!

December Display  Meditation Cushions & Wallhangings  Angel Cabinet

December 1stLovely new artwork by UK artist Hannah Willow - prints, cards, calendars and keyrings...Hannah's work is really beautiful, capturing the magic and majesty of our native creatures.

Hannah Willow Display

November 24th - These magnificent chaps have just made their way into the shop - Gabriel, Metatron, Michael and Raphael. You can also see them on our "Angelic Gifts" page - unfortunately we can't post them out - these guys are big, and heavy!

Archangel Gabriel  Archangel Metatron  Archangel Michael  Archangel Raphael

November 20thWe're starting to feel a tiny bit Festive! Our card rack is brimming with a lovely selection of Yuletide cheer, featuring wonderful UK artists. Buy six for a free card!

Christmas Cards   Goddess Display

November 11thGoddess within...a little collection of Goddessy loveliness to brighten this dark November eve!

November 3rd - Enjoying a cozy afternoon in Opal Moon - candles lit and lots of lovely things to peruse!

Jewellery Cabinet   Buddhas Display   Card Rack

November 2ndA thing of great beauty - this big Druzy Citrine heart, taking pride of place on our shelves today. Citrine has a wonderful bright, positive energy, enhacing confidence, happiness and abundance on all levels.

Citrine Heart 

October 30thSoap-cutting and wrapping today - this is always such a pleasure, and makes our home smell amazing! Our soaps are all handmade by our lovely friend Eileen, who uses the purest organic ingredients, natural plant dyes and pure essential oils. This gorgeous, freshly cut batch will be making it's way into Opal Moon this week...

Soap Making 

October 27th - It's starting to look a little bit spooky round here...

 Halloween Witch  Halloween Display  Halloween Blackboard

 October 24th - At last! Our biodegradable fairy dust has arrived! We love sparkle but only when it's eco friendly...this dust will be almost gone within three months of contact with water or earth. We're happy, and so are the fairies!

Fairy & Fairy Dust 

October 10thJoyfully unpacking this little box of magic today - beautiful, handcrafted mandala wallhangings, bookmarks and cards - created with love, care and recycled materials by ARTstrings.

Artstrings Bookmark 

October 2nd - Bracing ourselves for a busy day here in Opal Moon - all pedestrians directed this way!


 October 1st - October is here! Time for cozy, candlelit evenings (and days!). We love our beautiful dipped candles - we have every colour under the sun.

Candles  Candles  Candles

September 21st - Over one hundred varieties of tumblestones now in stock! Our crystal shelves are fit to burst!

Tumblestones  Tumblestones  Tumblestones  Tumblestones 

September 17thA little collection in celebration of the magical moon! Our 2019 lunar calendars have just arrived - easy to use and beautiful to look at...just what you need to stay in tune with the moon next year.

Lunar Calendars 

 September 6th - Feeling very autumnal this afternoon in Opal Moon - it's raining, a bit chilly, and our 2019 calendars and diaries have just arrived! There are some lovely new ones this year, as well as old favourites like Earth Pathways, Witches & We'Moon.

Diaries & Calendars 2019   Diaries & Calendars 2019   Diaries & Calendars 2019

September 4th - We're pretty well stocked for Angel, Oracle and Tarot cards at the moment, very popular, we're ordering every few weeks to keep up...

Keepers of the Light Oracle  Postcards From Spirit Oracle  Power of Love Oracle  Good Tarot  Green Witch Tarot

September 1stSo many lovely things coming our way at the moment, it's hard to keep up! Of course there are new crystals (there are always new crystals!)....here are a few special pieces just making their way into our cabinet...

Crystal Sphere   Crystal Points   Pyrite Sphere

August 21st - At last, back in stock, is our favourite Tibetan Incense range, including Herbal Medicine, Lord Buddha, and Sandalwood. We've had a bit of trouble sourcing it recently, but no more! Also listed on our Incense page is the new, large size version of the ever-popular Nitiraj Masterpiece range.

Tibetan Incense   Nitiraj Masterpiece Incense

August 16thChakra bracelet delivery! Love the balance of colours in these..and while we're a it, here's Hayley's latest shop window painting.

Beaded Bracelets   Painted Sunflower

July 29thSome beautiful new palmstones just in - these feel so soothing and tactile, and perfect for placing on the body.

Palmstones  Palmstone Selection  Palmstones

July 21st -  We've just replenished our selection of hand-beaten Tibetan Singing Bowls, with a range of sizes in stock. Each bowl has a unique tone, and the best way to choose one is to play it to see if you connect with the sound, so feel free to drop in and spent some time sounding the bowls to find one that's right for you. We also have a lovely selection of mala beads at the moment, made from a variety of materials including crystal, wood and seed.

Singing Bowls Display   Singing Bowls Display

July 19th - We are once again fully stocked up with our lovely Lotus Tea Light Holders, in all their various sizes and colours.

Lotus Tea Light Holders   Lotus Tea Light Holders

 July 11th - Opal Moon will be closed tomorrow, Thursday 12th July, as we take some time to celebrate the life of someone very dear to us. We will reopen on Friday as usual.

July 9th
- Our Paypal shopping cart seems to be up and working again at long last. Thanks for your patience and understanding!
July 1st
- Apologies, but we are experiencing problems with our Paypal shopping cart at the moment. If you want to buy anything from our pages, you can either email us your order and we'll send you a Paypal invoice, or order over the phone and pay using your credit or debit card. Contact details are on the home page.
  Sorry, hopefully we'll be sorted soon!

Queen Margaret Drive Festival   Queen Margaret Drive Festival

June 24th - Sunday was Queen Margaret Drive's annual Street Festival! It was great to see so many familiar faces, and to meet some new friends too. The sun was shining and we had a lot of fun, our bubble machine being a particularly big hit! All in all, it was a very successful day, especially considering that the much larger Mela was being held in Kelvingrove Park at the same time.

Bee Windchimes  Cat Windchimes  Butterfly Windchimes  Swirl Windchimes  Lizard Windchimes

June 19th - Just taken delivery of some windchimes that are new to us, such as Bees, Lizards, Cats, Peacocks and Butterflys, as well as some old favourites that have been out of stock for a wee while. Perfect for our "changable" summer weather!

Angel Wings  Precious Wings Dragon  Secret Garden Dreamcatcher  Wierdly Wild Wimble Mushroom  Companion of the Forest Fairy

June 11th -  Lots of lovely new things just in - Green Men, Mushrooms, Incense Holders, Dragons, Fairies and Dreamcatchers to name but a few!

Autumns Reflection Green Man  Mushroom Welcome Door  Inner Peace Incense Holder  Feeder of the Forest Green Man

May 31st -  We are now very happy to be stocking the work of Ember Vincent. These beautiful pieces include raku and smoke-fired bowls and vases, plus sculptures and other work inspired by goddesses past and present.

Bee Bowl  Sleeping Goddess  Shaky Eggs  Kneeling Goddess  Annointing Bowls

May 19th - Lots of cleansing and rearraging going on in Opal Moon this week - loving the sun and the New Moon energy! 

Fair Trade Singing Bowls   Fair Trade Incense

May !2th - Celebrating World Fair Trade day by featuring some of the wonderful fair trade products that we're lucky to have here in Opal Moon. These beautiful things are created by craftspeople from India, Bali, Nepal - and are all bought through suppliers who ensure a fair wage and good working conditions....good energy flowing in both directions.

Suncatchers  Fair Trade Goodies  Dreamcatchers  

May 5thBasking in the warm glow of these beautiful new Baltic Amber pieces today, despite the grey dampness outside! Amber has long been reknowned for its lovely, nurturing, healing properties, and being a tree resin it helps us connect to the Earth.

Amber Jewellery   Amber Jewellery

 April 26th - Feeling honoured to add the insightful and inspiring "Golden Book of Wisdom" by Fotoula Adrimi to our shelves. Many of you in Glasgow and beyond will know Fotoula and the wonderful work that she does with such wisdom and compassion. It's exciting to see this wisdom now being shared in print! With cover design by lovely Opal Moon lady Eryn.

Golden Book of Wisdom  Findhorn Flower Essences 

 April 13th - We are delighted to be adding Findhorn Essentials and Sacred Sprays to our range. These have been created with the utmost care and love at the Findhorn Foundation, using beautiful, natural ingredients. The essentials range can be used therapeutically to support work on specific issues, while the Sacred Sprays can help to space clear and bring positive energy to your surroundings.

 Smudging Kit

March 25th - Just put the finishing touches to our new Smudging Kit! Perfect for an energetic spring clean, it has all you need to get you started - two types of sage, palo santo wood, a lovely abalone shell and feather, and comes complete with instructions. You'll find it on the "Sage & Smudge Sticks" page if you want to buy one. It's been a pleasure to create! 

Crystal Angels Oracle  Dream Weaver Card  Sacred Traveler Oracle  Diana of the Moon Card

March 23rd - There have been lots of new Angel, Oracle and Tarot Cards, as well as Greetings Cards, listed here on our website over the past couple of days. Likewise, the shop is well stocked up on these items, amongst everything else!...

Hayley Painting  Sleeping Fox  Daffodils

March 18thLoving our Springtime pixie-themed window - it brightens up the dullest of days! Thanks to Hayley for another wonderful creation.

Candle Display  Candles

 March 3rd - Nothing beats snuggling up in cozy candlelight, especially in this weather! Fortunately our candle delivery came just before the snow, so we have a plentiful supply!

Snowy Street   Opal Moon in the Snow

March 1st - Our wee shop managed to be open for some of the day today, despite all of the weather chaos, which is more than can be said of yesterday! Hoping that things will be back to normal soon, as I'm sure you all are, stay safe...

Spring Display  Spring Display  Spring Flowers

February 22ndEnjoying the fresh spring energy in Opal Moon - time for a bit of a clear out and cleanse!

Valentines Display 

February 9th - Bringing you a little collection of LOVE-ly things...Valentine's Day is just around the corner! 

 Moldavite Jewellery  Moldavite Pieces

 January 29th - Moldavite...a magical combination of heaven & earth, this meteoric glass forms when a tektite hits the earth, creating something unique and powerful. Moldavite's energy is all about positive transformation, and it certainly "speaks" to you when you're ready to work with it. We have some amazing new pieces in our cabinet right now, as well as some very special jewellery...just if you feel that moldavite "pull"...!

White Sage Smudge Stick  Desert Sage Smudge Sticks  Palo Santo Wood 

January 17th - Heaps of lovely, wild-harvested, sustainably sourced sage and palo santo wood just arrived...perfect for a New Year cleanse. Burning sage and palo santo helps to release stagnant, negative energy in your home, bringing in fresh and bright vibes! It can also be used to cleanse crystals, tarot cards, pendulums, jewellery...infact anything that feels like an energetic boost. Start your smudging session by giving yourself a little wash down with the smoke, then work your way out!

Through the Window 

January 14th - Just getting back into the swing of things after our busy December, lots of re-stocking to be done as always. We'd like to say a huge thank you to all our customers for a fantastic 2017, it really has been a great year!

~ 2017 ~

December 21st - Wishing you peace and joy this Winter Solstice, as well as a very Merry Christmas ~ hope your festivities are filled with happiness and you find something magical under your tree!

 Christmas Tree  Robin in the Window  Christmas Decorations

December 12th - We're having an impromptu fundraiser for Simon Community Scotland - enter our raffle for the chance to win this lovely collection of Opal Moon goodies, worth £50! Plus, two runner up prizes of £10 Opal Moon gift vouchers. Tickets cost £1 per strip, available to buy here in the shop. Winning tickets will be drawn on Thursday 21st December, on the Winter Solstice.

 Raffle Prize

 December 9th - It's all happening in Opal Moon now, we're crammed with beautiful things to help you purchase gifts that little bit different for friends and family. There's no way for us to list or show a fraction of what's in stock, so you'll just need to come in!

 Opal Moon  Opal Moon

November 28th - New to us is a nice range of shoulder bags, purses and trinket boxes, with artwork from such favourites as Lisa Parker and Anne Stokes.

 Solstice Hare Bag  Awaken Your Magic Trinket Box  Cat & Fairy Purse

November 26th - Have spent the last few days filling every available space in our wee shop with gorgeous things. Here's a little peek inside our jewellery cabinet...

   Jewellery Cabinet Display  Jewellery Cabinet Display

November 23rd - Say hello to our new green friends: All Seeing Oak, Berry Beard, Mabon Wisdom and Oak King, all up on our shop wall, ready to take home now! Check our "Goddesses & Green Men" page for more details.

 All Seeing Oak Green Man  Berry Beard Green Man  Mabon Wisdom Green Man  Oak King Green Man

November 14th - Loving our beautiful new range from Miss Haversham's Attic...hand-embellished cards, painted Friendship Feather, and divinely scented Prayer Balm Candle...also, our festive card range is now on the shelves, and bigger than ever! Featuring some of our favourite UK artists, including Painting Dreams and Stonemaiden Art.

 Miss Haversham Display   Yule Cards

November 2nd - Loving the beautiful autumn light shining in to Opal Moon today, lighting up our new blown glass spheres & hearts - a feast for the eyes!

Glass Spheres and Heart   Rainbow Glass Sphere

October 23rd - Had a lovely time at the 9th Annual Glasgow Reiki Gathering in Trades Hall...always a special event to be part of, the Gathering is a great opportunity to connect with other reiki-inspired souls. It was good to meet up with friends old and new, and our stall was really busy throughout the day - thanks to all who came along and supported us and this special event. 

Reiki Gathering 2017   Reiki Gathering 2017

October 5th - We're so lucky to have our own in-store artist! Here is Hayley adding some autumnal woodland cheer to our window. You can see more of Hayley's beautiful work in Opal Moon or by visiting her Facebook page.

Fox in Window   Hayley and Hedgehog   Hedgehog in Window

October 3rd - A big selection of salt lamps and tea light holders have just arrived, including lots of new shapes - pyramids, obelisks, cubes, spheres and eggs, as well as unpolished, natural pieces. Salt lamps and tea light holders are reknowned for their properties as natural ionisers or air purifiers...they are also thought to alleviate allergies, headaches and stress. They look beautiful and add a warm glow to any room.

Salt Lamps 

September 28th - Lots of amazing crystals winging their way into Opal Moon as we speak - check in with our crystal shelves regularly for further developments!

Malachite Egg   Aura Cluster   Labradorite Slice   Fluorite Heart

September 23rd - Some beautiful new wands now in stock - all handmade by our favourite makers of magical wares, Gemini Aspect.


September 12th - 2018 Calenders & Diaries are here! I can't believe it's this time of the year already! We have some old favourites, like Earth Pathways diary, Witches Calender & Datebook, and We'Moon ...plus some lovely new additions for this year too.

Zen Cat Calendar 2018  Llewellyns Witches Datebook 2018  Celestial Journeys Mini Calendar 2018  Earth Pathways Diary 2018

 September 5th - Just taken delivery of some beautiful new things from Nepal and Tibet ~ all peaceful, all fair trade...Buddha and Ganesh statues, singing bowls, Mala beads, Tingsha cymbals and more...

Nepal & Tibet Display   Buddha Statues   Singing Bowls, Cymbals, Beads

August 16th -  Just a little peek inside our fairy cabinet at the moment...

Fairy Cabinet 

August 10th - So many gorgeous things flowing our way at the moment...these original wood-burnt wonders are from the mega-talented Sally at Salix Pyrography.

Salix Display   Fox and Hare Prints  Fox Hanging  Salix Display

August 3rd - A large influx of Dragons has descended upon Opal Moon, far more than we have listed on our "Magical Animals" page. Creatures such as Aqurion, Azuron, dragons Gyre, Elix, Mothers Lair, Nest Guardians, New Beginnings, New Life, Oberon, Protectors of the Keep and Purple Reign, to name but a few...

Dragon Display

July 20th - We are so excited to show you some lovely new creations now in stock, thanks to Vicky at Artstrings. These beautiful wall hangings and mandalas are all created by hand - painted, stitched, and using handrolled beads & recycled materials.

 Artstrings Mandala  Artstrings Mandalas  Artstrings Wall Hanging  Artstrings Mandalas

July 14th - After much thought and rumination, we have decided to incorporate the "Stock Just Added" page into the "News" page, and try to make it a more bloggy, up-to-the-minute type thing. We'll see how it goes... also, we're slowly re-jigging the online shop pages, making little improvements as we go along, hope you agree!


May - July - This time of year always puts a smile on our faces - the days are brighter, the nights are longer, and pink blossom flies on the breeze! On May 1st we celebrate the Celtic Fire Festival of Beltane. Beltane is a festival which celebrates fertility, as all around us nature bursts with life. Hope that you feel happy, energetic and creative in all aspects of your life!

 Bee Window Painting  Opal Moon Through the Window

In Opal Moon we especially love this time of year as the sun comes round to our side of the street earlier in the day, and lights our window up to show off all the beautiful treasures we have displayed there. Our rainbow crystals love the sun and send rays of coloured light all around our wee shop - a lovely sight! We now have a collection of beautiful Tree of Life and Birthstone Hanging Globes, also in the window, stocked in Opal Moon for the first time.

Tree Of Life Globe   Tree of Life Globe

We're busy as ever, and bringing lots of lovely new things in to fill our shelves. We're also delighted to say that we have tickets now available for sale for the 9th Glasgow Reiki Gathering, which takes place this year on Sunday 22nd October at Glasgow's Trades Hall. Tickets are on sale at the Early Bird price of £45 until the end of July, so if you'd like to be part of this beautiful event, please do buy your ticket in advance. (Payment if buying from us is by cash or cheque only, thank you).

 Reiki Gathering

 March/April - It's starting to feel a lot like spring, with lighter nights and spring flowers bursting into life! Here in Opal Moon we've been embracing the springtime energy with some clearing and cleaning...finding a few little hidden treasures along the way! It always feels good to freshen things up at this time of the year, as we begin to come out of "hibernation" after the darkness of winter. Our smudge sticks are especially popular at this time of year...smudging is a great way to freshen up the energy in your home and clear away any negative energy that may be lurking. Visit our Smudging info page to find out more!

    Smudge Sticks  Bluebells

The beginning of this month sees us celebrating Fair Trade Fortnight, which runs from 27th February until the 12th March. We're fortunate to have some wonderful, ethical Fair Trade suppliers, allowing us to bring you beautiful gifts from all over the world, natural and amazing incenses, and peaceful products from Nepal such as our hand-beaten singing bowls, meditation cushions and candles. Please come and chat to us about our fair trade products  - it's always a pleasure to share the thought, care and positive stories behind them.

Buddha  Singing Bowls  Chakra Candles

Of course March brings us Mother's Day on Sunday 26th! We have so many gorgeous and meaningful gifts in stock at the moment, perfect for mums of all ages - we hope you feel inspired and find something to show your appreciation of your mum! And once again, salt lamps are back in stock! They sold out quickly in January, but this time we've made sure that we'll be well-stocked for the foreseeable future.

Valentines Display 

January/February - Happy Valentines Day! Lots of treats available, such as scented candles, bath salts, crystal hearts and plenty more, as well as a nice selection of romantic cards.

 Green Obsidian Palmstone  Rhyolite Palmstone  Rhodonite Palmstone  Honey Calcite Palmstone  Fluorite Palmstone  Petrified Wood Palmstone

  Take a peek at our new palmstones page, plenty to peruse and ponder upon! Also new, in the shop - a lovely range of fairy houses and accompanying ornaments, by Fiddlehead, as well as a new range of cards from Celtic Mystery.

 January Landscape

Wishing all of our customers a very happy new year! Thanks to everyone for making 2016 a very special 25th anniversary year for us. As we move gently into 2017, we're making plans for the coming months and year, sourcing some exciting new stock, and topping up on all of our lovely products to make sure you have lots to choose from when you visit us at Opal Moon.

~ 2016 ~

 Inside Opal Moon  Christmas Tree In Window

November/December - a very busy time for us as we prepare in earnest for the Festive Season! We're busy filling our shelves with all manner of beautiful and meaningful gifts, as well as a lovely selection of Yuletide and Solstice cards by some of our favourite UK artists. Our calenders and diaries for 2017 are all in stock and selling fast, so make sure you don't miss out on your favourite!

 Fireside Foxes Card  Starry Badger Hug Card  Yule Card  Ivy green Woman Card

September/October - Had a lovely time at the 8th Annual Glasgow Reiki Gathering. It's always such an honour to be part of this very special event, and have the chance to connect and reconnect with so many beautiful souls. Thank you to all who came along to visit our Opal Moon stall, and to the wonderful Lorna Mclean for bringing us all together again for such a divine experience.

 Reiki Gathering 2016  Reiki Gathering 2016

We're delighted to introduce our beautiful Opal Moon Candles, now for sale in the shop as well as here on our website. We launched these lovely candles at our 25th Birthday Celebration, where they were very well received. Specially made for us by Peter at TouchFire Candles, they capture the essence of Opal Moon, with beautiful colours and essential oil scents, inspired by our surroundings and things of importance and pleasure to us. We hope you enjoy these candles as much as we do.

 Opal Moon Birthday Candle

September is always an industrious time for us in Opal Moon as we enter our busiest time of the year! Our selection of 2017 calendars and diaries are now making their way on to our shelves, and we are introducing many new gift ideas and beautiful things to the shop. We hope you'll find some inspiration as the Festive season glimmers at us around the corner...

Fairy Houses Calendar 2017   Witches Datebook 2017   Amanda Clark Calendar 2017

However, despite our preparations for the end of the year, we do like to keep our focus on the present moment, and enjoy the many blessings of the current season. The Autumn Equinox on 21st/22nd September sees us celebrating the end of the harvest season. The Equinoxes are a time of balance, with day and night lasting for equal lengths. A time of reflection, the Autumn Equinox reminds us to maintain the balance in our lives, as all around us nature begins to slowly draw energy inwards in preparation for darker nights, colder weather and the opportunity to rest, restore and rejuvinate. I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy some peaceful restorative time during these golden autumn months! 

 Moon Balloon!  Twenty Five Years Old  Joan and Balloons

July/August - Our 25th Birthday Party at the end of August was a big success! It's hard to believe we're reached this ripe old age already ~ the year's have flown by! We had a lovely time at our party, and were really touched by all the friends and customers who came to wish us well. We were showered with cards, flowers and gifts, kind words and fantastic energy! Thank you so much to everyone who came along, and for all the good wishes we received on our facebook page too, it is hugely appreciated.  

 Opal Moon - Newly Painted!   Hearts in Opal Moon

As we're in our 25th year, we decided to give Opal Moon's extererior a bit of TLC, so we've had our shopfront painted! We're delighted with the result...we've gone for a richer, deeper purple this time (we're still purple, of course!)

Queen Margaret Drive Street Festival  Band In Queen Margaret Drive

June - We begin this month with a bang, as our street hosts it's annual Summer Street Festival! This one is bigger than ever, with a street ceilidh, two stages with live music, lots of kids entertainment, plus our usual selection of stalls, food and drink! Our festival takes place on Sunday 5th June from 12 to 5.30pm. We hope you can join us for the festivities! Please note that our section Of Queen Margaret Drive will be closed to traffic during the festival.

Unknown Beast At Festival  Opal Moon & Balloons  Street Festival    

The following Sunday, the 12th, sees our busy street hosting The Big Lunch. This is a community event, with the focus on getting to know about things happening in the neighbourhood, and hopefully make a few new connections and friends along the way! With live music, kids activities and community awareness stalls...come along with food to share, and enjoy!

Big Lunch  Elemental Space Clearing Workshop

June is a busy month! On Sunday 19th you'll find us at Lorna McLean's Elemental Space Clearing Workshop, where we'll have a stall packed with space clearing tools ~ smudge sticks, tingsha cymbals, bells, bowls and more. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about clearing the energy in your home or workspace and making it feel divine! The workshop takes place at the Theosophical Society in Glasgow, from 10.30am to 15.30pm and costs £50. For more info or to book a space, contact Lorna.

In The Shop  

May - Happy Beltane! The beginning of this month sees all sorts of May Day celebrations. Beltane is a fire festival, celebrating the adundance of fertility in nature at this time of year. It's a beautiful time, with blossom showering us like confetti, and everything growing and flowering. In Opal Moon the warmer weather means we can open our door and send good energy and aromas out into the street, which always makes us happy!

Blue Tit in the Window   Salt Lamps and Tea Lights 

Our second Facebook Competition took place this month, in celebration of our 25th birthday! Once again we were delighted with the response and lovely comments left on our page. This time our prize was a beautiful Himalayan Salt Lamp won by Rebecca Wilson.

Reiki Gathering   Reiki Gathering

March/April - We are pleased to tell you that we now have tickets for sale for the 8th Annual Glasgow Reikii Gathering here in Glasgow. This event is one we're always very excited about ~ a gathering for all attuned to reiki, as well as those interested in learning more; a day filled with meditation, talks, music, dance and connection with like-minded souls. Tickets are for sale at the Early Bird price of £40 until the end of July, and £50 thereafter.           

Daffodils In Window     Hare In Window

On March 20th/21st we celebrate the Spring Equinox ~ when both day and night are of equal length. This is a time of balance both internally and externally, and a sign that springtime is most definitely here!

This month also brings us Mothers Day on Sunday the 6th. We've already sold lots of "Mothers Day cards with a difference"! And we have beautiful and meaningful gifts to suit every budget ~ we know LOTS of mums who love Opal Moon!

           Natural Scents & Oils   Heart Stones Chakra Set   Labradorite Display

February - With the celebration of Imbolc/Candlemass at the start of this month, we tentatively welcome the first signs of spring. Look out for snowdrops and other early spring flowers popping up through the still frosty soil, and lighter mornings and evenings. Imbolc is sacred to the Brigid ~ Goddess of creativity and inspiration, healing, arts & crafts, and childbirth. Burn yellow and green candles, warming incenses like cinnamon and frankincense, and enjoy the light returning.

Spring Equinox Card   Valentines Display

Of course February also brings us Valentine's Day on the 14th ~ an opportunity to express our affection and love for dear ones. In Opal Moon we have many gorgeous gift ideas for Valentine's Day, as well as a lovely collection of special cards.

We kicked off our big birthday celebrations this month with our first ever Facebook competition! We had a fantastic response, and we were very touched to hear of people's memories of Opal Moon's first location, in DeCourcy's Arcade. Our winner, Sharon Boyce, collected her prize of a lovely Native American opal heart pendant. Look out for more competitions to follow on our Facebook page!


January 2016 - A Happy New Year and a big thank you to you all for making 2015 a great year for us, all the best for 2016! January is always an exciting month for us, as we commence plans for the year ahead, thinking about changes we'd like to make, and new stock we'd like to introduce (space permitting!). We've made a start with building some lovely new bookcases, giving us more room for our books, tarot & oracle cards and other bits and pieces.

And since this is our 25th YEAR (can you believe it?!) we have a few extra special surprises up our magical sleeves! Keep in touch with us and don't miss out on our celebrations! Also, click here for an updated history of the shop.

 Hangings Display   Flower Hangings

To keep up-to-date with all our latest news, you can find us on Facebook.


Thanks for visiting our News page, and we hope to see you soon!

Joan & All at Opal Moon  xx

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