What's new in Opal Moon...where we've been, what we've seen...and some general musings!

~ 2020 ~

February 20th - Some lovely new smudge pots just in! Love that they hold the smudge stick upright, so after smudging you can allow it to continue burning if you like... We have three designs at the moment - Goddess, Tree of Life and Chakra, all £20 each.


February 8th - Love the mesmerising effect of back flow incense! We've got some nice new burners in stock, as well as back flow cones in lots of our favourite scents. Take a look at our Facebook page to see a video of it in action.

January 31st - Can't believe January is almost gone! We've been busy bees this month - cleaning and rearranging, and unpacking boxes full of new and magical things. Here are some snapshots of a few of our favourites from this month.


January 25th - Our Charity Crystals Box has been re-instated, with lots of lovely new crystal donations. This time our chosen charity is Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Trust, who do amazing work in rescuing and caring for orphaned and injured wildlife here in Scotland. So come and have a look at our box of treasures and give what you can. We're also over the moon to receive crystal donations for our box - if you have any crystals you feel ready to pass on, please think of us! We're sure to find a good new home for them, and help support Scottish wildlife in the process.


January 19th - Restocking again after the busy Festive season! Our tarot and oracle shelves are brimming once more with lovely new decks to bring some fresh inspiration for 2020. Our current fave is the beautiful Goddess Dream Oracle by Painting Dreams - we love Wendy Andrews art and the gentle yet powerful energy of this deck.