What's new in Opal Moon...where we've been, what we've seen...and some general musings!

~ 2020 ~

Unfortunately our shop is still closed until further notice due to current restrictions around Covid 19/ Coronavirus. However, thankfully our online shop is still up and running. Postage and packing is £1.00 per item, and is capped at £5.00. If you pay more than that, we will refund the difference. We are currently limiting our visits to the Post Office to twice a week. Unfortunately, we cannot post outside the UK. If there's anything that you know we stock but don't see, please ask.

May 23rd - I'm so pleased that Opal Moon's artist-in-residence Hayley now has her own page on our website! Her latest creations are handpainted wooden pendants and wallhangings featuring characterful totem animals, each one an original little piece of art.


May 16th - It was so nice to spend some time in the shop yesterday, reconnecting with the spirit of the place...lighting candles, burning incense, clearing, cleaning and ringing bells, just getting the energy stirred up a bit. Took some time to rebuild our altar and pulled the Crone Goddess Patience card from the beautiful Goddess Dreams Oracle by Wendy Andrews. How pertinent in the current situation! 'Be patient, and when the time is right in the darkness you will see the glimmer of light, the promise of a bright future'. Have a lovely weekend everyone.


May 12th - Just a few of the treasures featured on the new 'Crystals - One Offs' page...thought it was time to show a few of these beauties to you! Of course each and every crystal is a unique one-off piece, but the crystals on this page I think are a wee bit special.