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They measure 2.5cm x 2.5cm approx. Comes in an organza pouch, with confetti and a little descriptive card attached. Choose from the following: 

Aventurine, Green  ~ Bringer of Serenity

Quartz, Clear ~ Bringer of Healing Energy

Obsidian, Snowflake ~ Bringer of Stability

Opalite ~ Bringer of Peace

Quartz, Rose ~ Bringer of Unconditional Love (sorry, currently out of stock)

Rhodonite  ~ Believe In Yourself - Let your light shine!

Sodalite ~ Bringer of Joy (sorry, currently out of stock)

Starstone ~ Bringer of Communication (sorry, currently out of stock)

Tiger Eye ~ Bringer of Safe Travels

Unakite ~ Bringer of Health

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They measure 1.7cm x 1.6cm approx at widest points. Price is for one skull. Choose from the following:

Amethyst  ~ Keywords: intuition, clarity, protection; Chakra: Third Eye / Brow; Astrological: Aquarius & Pisces

Aventurine, Green ~ Keywords: harmony, serenity, balance; Chakra: Heart;  Astrological: Scorpio & Libra

Jasper ~ Keywords: creativity, energy, grounding; Chakra: Base & Sacral; Astrological: Aries & Leo

Opalite ~ Keywords: Spiritual, angelic, peace; Chakra: Crown (man-made)

Quartz, Clear ~ Keywords: energy, clarity, master healer; Chakra: Crown; Astrological: Aquarius

Quartz, Rose ~ Keywords: love, compassion, calming; Chakra: Heart; Astrological: Taurus

Tiger Eye ~ Keywords: willpower, courage, confidence; Chakra: Solar Plexus; Astrological: Leo

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A beautiful, polished Selenite heart, measuring 4.5cm x 4.5cm x 2cm approx.

Keywords: clarity, meditation, abundance

Chakra: Crown  ~  Astrological: Taurus

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