Incense has been burned for centuries in many different cultures. It has a multitude of uses, from simply filling your home with it's pleasing aroma, to clearing the energy, sending prayers, casting spells and making offerings. Here are some of our most loved incense ranges. Due to space, some of the individual scents found in our shop may not be listed here.

We have a one-off UK P&P charge of £3.95, no matter how many items you buy. (For the rest of Europe, this is £6.95.) 


With The Mother's Fragrances Sachets you can take your favourite fragrances anywhere. Use them in your car, in the office, in the drawers of your cupboards, under your pillow, or in the pocket of your coat. A little loop helps you to hang them. They are made using only natural materials. Delicate fragrances and wood powders create a long lasting fragrance.

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