A dowsing pendulum is a unique tool which can be used in many ways. With practice, a pendulum will give you a "yes" or "no" answer to any question, and can be used beneficially in all types of healing work & divination, as well as giving answers to everyday, practical questions, ie finding lost objects, identifying possible allergens, choosing crystals etc.

Our pendulums all come with a complimentary organza pouch, together with information on the properties of the particular type of crystal used.

We have a one-off UK P&P charge of £3.95, no matter how many items you buy. (For the rest of Europe, this is £6.95.)



The pendulum itself measures 3.5cm x 2cm approx at widest points, and the total length including chain is 22cm approx, finished with a gemchip bead at the top of the chain. Choose from Amethyst, Quartz and Rose Quartz.

Sorry, Amethyst currently out of stock.

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A silver plated pendulum cage with a pentagram design, together with a set of seven sphere crystals, each one relating to one of the seven main chakra centres in the body.

Crystals included are Amethyst ~ Crown; Sodalite ~ Third Eye; Turquenite ~ Throat; Green Aventurine ~ Heart; Gold Calcite ~ Solar Plexus; Carnelian ~ Sacral, and Black Onyx ~ Base. The cage itself measures 4.4cm x 2.4cm approx (excluding chain), while the spheres each measure 1.4cm in diameter approx.

Comes in an attractive presentation box.

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