Our Crystals Of the Month pages...in 2013 we featured a crystal each month, and took a closer look at how it's energy and individual properties connected to the time of year. I hope you enjoy the information and it inspires you to investigate which crystals you feel fit with the changing seasons.

January: Blue Lace Agate ~ nurturing; steady; supportiveBlue Lace Agate Tumblestone
Happy New Year! For many of us, the start of a new year means an opportunity to renew and refresh aspects of our lives which feel stagnant, neglected and in need of an energetic revamp! Its is a time of "turning over a new leaf", of clearing away the debris and a
ll which no longer serves us in our life, in order to move forward in as positive a way as possible. With this in mind, I've chosen to feature Blue Lace Agate as our stone for January. Agates aren't reknowned as the most dynamic specimens of the mineral kingdom, but they have hidden depths...read on to find out more!
Agates are naturally banded chalcedony, and a member of the quartz family. Named after the river Achetes in Sicily, where it was first discovered, agate has been revered since ancient times. It has a hardness of 7, which makes it very resilient, and it has been used throughout the centuries to make tools, jewellery and artifacts. Blue Lace Agate is generally mined in South Africa. It is a beautiful banded pale blue and white stone, with some pieces displaying sparkling druzy crystalline sections.

In January many of us feel low in energy, after the buzz of the festive season has passed, and we are in a state of limbo, somewhere between winter and spring.
Agates have a slow, steady, strengthening, energy, which is very helpful at this time.
Blue Lace Agate is particularly supportive of communication, in all forms...whether it be verbal (words or sounds, spoken or sung), written, or thought. It helps us to be heard, to speak our truth, and allows our wisdom and understanding to shine through. It helps us to formulate our thoughts with clarity, and to confidently verbalize these thoughts in any given situation. It enables a determined and steadfast intention to express what matters most to us; to see our plans, projects and ideas through, steadily and calmly, giving us a gentle confidence to get our wishes and dreams "out there" in
Verbal affirmation is a very powerful tool for times of transformation, and Blue Lace Agate supports this wonderfully, helping to bring our plans and projects to fruition. It reminds us that our thoughts and speech create our reality, and that these powerful means of communication should be used to maximum benefit for all.
It helps us to stick to our plans as transformation slowly unfolds.
Blue Lace Agate
encourages loyalty and trustworthiness, and makes us a very good friend, encouraging us to listen well and share our own truth openly when appropriate. In challenging situations, it encourages clear verbalization of what needs to be heard, without anger or judgement.
Blue Lace Agate helps us to value the contribution we make, whatever that may be. It helps us to see that although we are only one, we are still one, and have as much right to be here as all other beings. It helps to extinguish feelings of fear at being judged or not being "good enough", and of crippling self-doubt.
It counteracts negative speech patterns and inner-dialogue, shifting the pattern to a more positive one. It helps with any kind of public speaking, and sharing information and ideas with others.
On the opposite side, Blue Lace Agate is balancing for those who tend to over-talk, or who speak before considering the consequences of their words. It encourages discernment in speech, supporting us to choose our words with care and consideration. It teaches us the joy and peace to be found in silence, and reminds us of the importance of discretion when appropriate. It helps us to discern fact from fiction, and can be very supportive to those whose imagination may lead them to confuse the two.

Blue Lace Agate is very helpful to those who communicate as part of their work ~ teachers, actors, singers, presenters, work facilitators etc. Those who use their voice in this way can sometimes suffer from over-stimulation of the throat chakra, which can manifest in throat problems such as sore throats, laryngitis e
tc., and Blue Lace Agate can help to protect against this by keeping the throat chakra clear and balanced.
With its soothing, calming, gentle energy, Blue Lace Agate slows an over-active mind, and helps to alleviate worries and anxieties. It is calming and settling for over-stimulated children, and those with ADD and ADHD. It is supportive to children who have difficulty in communicating.
Physically, Blue Lace Agate helps to treat all throat, thymus and
over-active thyroid problems. Perfect to counter-act winter-time throat-related disorders.

February: Quartz Crystal ~ clarity, focus, bright & dynamic energy
QQuartz Tumblestone

With February
now underway, we take a deeper look at one of the most readily available, yet truly amazing crystals around ~ Clear Quartz, also known as Rock Crystal.
Quartz is found
either on its own, or in combination with other minerals, and is clear, cloudy or white, sometimes displaying other colours where there is inclusion of another mineral. There are many members of the Quartz Family, including smokey, rose & rutilated to name just a few, but here we look specifically at the clear variety. It is available throughout the world, with commercially mined quartz usually coming from Brazil, Arkansas and Madagascar. It forms in a variety of points and clusters, and naturally polished pieces can often been found on the beach, and beside rivers and waterfalls.
Quartz has been revered as a sacred stone by countless cultures over the centuries, and has long been looked upon as a bringer of purity, magic and healing. North Americans believed quartz crystals to be living entities, and made offerings to them. The Japanese and Tibetans referred to quartz as "the perfect jewel". Its hardness as a mineral has allowed it to be carved into all manner of objects, with carved crystal skulls being powerful religious and magical objects. It has been linked to the ancient lands of Atlantis and Lemuria.
In practical application, Quartz contains piezoelectricity, which changes mechanical energy into electromagnetic energy, and vice versa. Due to this ability quartz is a key component in micro-chips, used in watches, computers, radios, etc.
As we move into this time of very early spring, and all around us nature is showing us the first signs of life, so we too are beginning to come out of our winter's hibernation ~ stretching our limbs and getting out
and into the world, moving forward with our life and putting our plans into action, full of intention and ideas for the year ahead. Quartz crystal has so much to offer us at this time. It is probably the most versatile crystal that we can work with. It amplifies energy at all levels, can be easily programmed, and holds and stores energy and information. Unlike other minerals, quartz has no "set" properties, and can be whatever you want it to be energetically. It is pure energy and light, and keeping it close to you will boost your energy levels, immune system, and bring clarity of mind.
Quartz can be programmed with our own intention,
making it an invaluable tool in many ways. At this time of year, when many of us focus on making changes and bringing fresh energy and ideas into our life, we can programme our quartz crystal to support us with this. By holding a piece of quartz in meditation, and visualizing our focused intention clearly, we can ask the crystal to hold, memorise and amplify the energy of our intention. This can be a tremendous help in keeping us focused, reminding us of our focus and goal when we drift off the path. Coupled with our own determination,it can help us to manifest our desires.
Quartz can be programmed for any purpose, and can be used to good effect in healing both people and planet. Programmed pieces of quartz can be placed in any area where a boost in healing and a lift in energy is needed. Quartz crystal grids are powerful conductors of energy, and are often used in conjunction with other types of healing to great benefit. Quartz amplifies the energy of whatever it comes into contact with, so used with other stones, it will amplify their individual properties. It will boost the properties of oils, herbs, colours, sound, and any type of healing tool, and really is the most important and fundamental crystal in your collection! In meditation, it brings a heightened spiritual awareness, being a pure and clear channel ~ opening us to the Light, connecting us to the Divine. It is an invaluable tool in all types of healing and psychic work. Quartz does
require frequent cleansing, since its properties can allow it to become "bogged down" with debris, and it will amplify negatively as well as positively, so keeping your quartz clear, clean and bright is beneficial.
Physically it stimulates the nervous system
, nail and hair growth, and generally gives us a boost when energy is low.
Lift your energy with Quartz Crystal this February!

March: Citrine - bringer of confidence, love and joy, manifestation and abundance.
Citrine Crystal Point
Citrine is a beautiful yellow gold variety of the quartz family ~ a silicon dioxide mineral who's yellow pigmentation is caused by iron content. Commonly sourced in Brazil and Madagascar, natural citrine can also be found in Africa, Spain, Russia, France, USA and Scotland. It is a self-clearing crystal which doesn't retain or accumulate negativity; therefore it doesn't require to be regularly cleansed.
There are both "natural" and "heat treated" varieties of citrine. Natural citrine tends to be paler in colour, usually transparent, and light golden yellow colour (smokey natural citrine is darker). It is generally available in tumblestone, natural and polished points. Heat-treated citrine (the most commonly available) is in fact burnt amethyst, and tends to be more orange in colour, often combined with white and clear patches. Heat-treated citrine is available in clusters, as well as tumblestones and points. Both varieties are very useful energetically, but are quite different from each other
Faceted Citrine was used in jewellery by the ancient Greeks and Romans, and has long been used as a "merchant stone" ~ many people carry a small piece in their wallet or purse to attract abundance.
March is the month when Springtime arrives! Gone are the early days of snowdrops tentatively pushing shoots through icy ground...March brings daffodils in abundance, brighter days and (hopefully!) milder weather. At this time we often find ourselves venturing outside more, starting to reconnect with nature, and as we do, moving on with our plans and projects, enjoying the increase in energy and vitality that this time of the year brings. All around us are signs that nature is busy making plans, with birds nest-building, buds appearing on trees and our gardens awakening, with plants we had forgotten about over the winter re-emerging. Citrine embraces this creative energy, helping to inspire our imagination, nurture our dreams, and put plans into action physically; it is a wonderful stone of manifestation. It increases confidence and will, helping us to be happy and content with who we are and what we can achieve. Its gentle energy makes it a
perfect stone for children to carry when they need a confidence boost, and help us to overcome shyness. It is a stone of love and joy, and helps us to shine our inner light brightly!
Natural Citrine connects with the Sacral, Solar Plexus and Third Eye chakras, clearing away any blockages preventing us from connecting to our source of creative fire. It brings us the confidence and clarity to make our dreams a reality.
Heat-treated Citrine is amethyst which has been heated to a high temperature to change the colour. Heat-treated citrine really is a completely different mineral from natural citrine, and should be treated as such. Its energy is much lighter than the natural variety, but its beautiful golden colour carries its own energy. Heat-treated Citrine helps us to strengthen the will and connection to our inner power. It helps us to believe in ourselves and all we can achieve.
Physically, natural citrine helps to support physical energy and stamina, and balances the metabolism. Heat-treated citrine is useful in treating digestive problems, and can help in weight loss.
Connect with Citrine this March for a creative boost and magical manifestations!

April: Pietersite ~ energising, inspiring, creative.
Pietersite Tumblestone
Pietersite is a beautiful stone exhibiting a wide variety of colours, including blue, gold, brown, red, grey and black. It is a member of the quartz family, and is mined in South Africa and China. High-grade varieties have colours and patterns which have to be seen to be believed!

The powerful, firey energy of Pietersite is perfect for April! As the lighter days and nights unfold, all around us nature is a hive of energy and activity. At this time, we can find ourselves increasingly busy - life picks up pace, and activities and demands on our time grow. Accordingly, it can be easy to loose sight of our good intentions, the plans we made, and the seeds we planted at the beginning of springtime. It can be tempting at this time to put projects and plans "on hold", and to let "life take over". Allow pietersite to support you at this busy time. Pietersite's energy embraces willpower and intuition, helping us to remain connected to our hopes, desires and dreams, and continue to work towards them, whilst at the same time staying grounded and in the present moment. It gives us energy and drive, and the focus and clarity of mind to know exactly where this energy should be channelled for the greatest good.

It is a wonderful stone of creative inspiration, and helps us to recognise and appreciate beauty in all forms, as well as enjoy and create beauty in our own lives. Take pietersite out with you on a country walk, and enjoy the clarity of the experience as you listen more intently to the birdsong, appreciate the colours and scents of the flowers and trees, and feel the softness of the grass beneath your feet!
Pietersite sharpens our awareness, not only helping us to appreciate the here and now, but also giving us insight into the future, and how our plans will manifest
themselves. It also helps us to "clear the air", and release any unwanted negative residue left over from our spring clean! In his "Book of Stones" Robert Simmons descibes pietersite as a "thunderstorm" stone, and energetically it can certainly have the same dramatic effect as a thunderstorm...so if anything needs to be expressed, now is the time! It helps to clear away any negative, stagnant energy and behaviour patterns, and helps us to move forward with clarity and energy towards achieving our dreams.
It is an
excellent stone to work with in meditation, encouraging visions and blissful mystical experiences. It helps us to see our true spiritual path, and activates the entire energy field, clearing and stimulating the chakra system and bringing light energy to us on every level.
Physically it energises and balances the entire nervous system, stimulating the pituatory gland, regulating the endocrine gland, and balancing the hormones. It brings energy and strength to the physical body.
Stoke your April fire with Pietersite!

May: Rose Quartz ~ love, compassion, unfolding the petals of the heart...
Rose Quartz Display
This month we take a closer look at a stone which is familiar and close to the heart of many crystal-lovers ~ Rose Quartz. I feel that Rose Quartz really encompasses the fresh late Spring/early Summer energy of this time of year. Its colour makes me think of pink blossom, falling gently from the trees; and its gentle, heart-opening and loving properties fit so well with this bright and fertile time of year, when all around us, nature is a hive of activity and reproduction!

Rose Quartz is, of course, a member of the quartz family, most often mined in Brazil and Madagascar. It generally forms in masses, although some crystalline specimens can be found, and ranges from pale pink to a deep, lilac pink in colour. It can be very dense and opaque, or quite transparent, with "jelly" rose quartz displaying a smooth, clear and gemmy appearance.

Rose Quartz is the ultimate stone of love; nurturing feelings of pure, unconditional, healing love towards ourself, our family, partner, friends and wider community, as well towards our environment and Mother Earth herself. It's soft, gentle energy encompasses deep feelings of compassion. It is a wonderful heart healer on all levels ~ emotionally, physically and spiritually. Rose Quartz wraps us in a beautiful iridescent bubble of gentle pink light, and allows us to become love itself, to open our heart chakra, dissolving emotional blockages and barriers we have constructed throughout our lives, and allowing us to connect on a very pure, clear and trusting level with those around us. It soothes away stress and tension, dissolves anger and resentment, and supports us as we open to a life of joy and compassion.

Wearing or carrying a piece of Rose Quartz every day will encourage you to bring a gentle, loving energy into all that you do as you go about your daily business. Placing at least one larger, unpolished piece of Rose Quartz in each room of your house will bring a peaceful, loving energy; and a piece of Rose Quartz on your desk at work will serve as a focus to bring compassion to all of your interactions with colleagues and customers. We need to have a collection of this wonderful stone ~ it is one to give away, with love, to anyone who crosses your path.

Although Rose Quartz is primarily a stone of the Heart Chakra, it works to bring peace, harmony and balance to the entire chakra system, and is a powerful healing stone. Physically, it can be used to treat all heart-related illnesses, and can be helpful in the healing process after heart surgery. Its peaceful, soothing and calming energy is perfect for those suffering from stress, and the many illnesses caused by stress. It is a wonderful stone for babies and young children, and a piece of rose quartz placed safely in a child's room will aid peaceful and restful sleep.
Open your heart to LOVE this May with beautiful, gentle Rose Quartz!

 June: Moonstone ~ Balancing, Nurturing, Connecting us to the Divine Feminine...
Moonstone Tumblestones
Moonstone is a member of the feldspar family, and is found in Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Burma, Australia, the USA & India. It varies in colour greatly, from the milkiest white, to peach and deep charcoal grey. It has a beautiful, lustrous sheen, and is stunning when set in jewellery. It was revered as a talisman by the Romans, and used extensively in jewellery during the Art Nouveau period. Moonstone is a sacred stone in India, where it is given to newly wed couples as a traditional wedding gift
With its balancing and nurturing properties, moonstone seems like a very appropriate crystal for June. As we celebrate the Summer Solstice on the 20th, so we reach a point of balance. Midsummer, the longest day, is a good time to focus on balance in our own life, to look at how we organize ourself, how we spend our precious moments. Are we allowing ourselves enough time to to do what we really love? Are we paying careful attention to ourselves and to those close to us? Looking back at the plans we made at the start of the year, are we making progress, or are these plans no longer appropriate? This mid-way point is a good time to assess, to "check in" with ourselves and see that all is as it should be. Moonstone supports us with this, as it encourages us to look deep within, to trust our intuition and to access our own inner knowledge and wisdom. It is a sacred stone of the Goddess, and emphasizes feminine power and hidden knowledge. For women, moonstone supports us as we nurture ourselves. It helps to release powerful kundalini energy, and encourages development of psychic ability and clairvoyance. For men, moonstone helps to bring balance, and enhances connection with the yin, feminine side.
Moonstone helps us to connect with the moon as it travels through its cycle, and with the ebb and flow of the tide, encouraging to "go with the flow" and live in harmony with the natural energies all around us. It teaches us to be patient, to honour our life's cycle, and brings awareness of what we need at this time.
Physically, moonstone is balancing on every level, & teaches us to work in conjun
ction with our energy levels & with the cycles of the body, while at the same time balancing & counter-balancing energies, or lack of them. It is very beneficial in helping to balance the hormones, and can be used to ease conditions related to this ~ PMT, water retention, cramps, etc. It is a wonderful stone to keep with you during pregnancy and childbirth, and can help to enhance fertility. It should be a constant companion during the menopausal years! Men also benefit from these hormone-balancing properties, as their bodies can also experience subtle hormonal changes. It is especially helpful to children at the onset of puberty, and throughout the teenage years. It is also used to aid the digestive system & the body's ability to eliminate toxins.
Go with the flow this June, with a beautiful, lustrous moonstone in your pocket!

July: Chrysoprase ~ compassion & the awakening of the heart, connection to Nature.
Chrysoprase Tumblestone
Once again we delve into the world of crystals, this time to investigate our choice for July,
beautiful apple-green Chrysoprase.
Chrysoprase is a type of
chalcedony, and a member of the quartz family. It has a hardness of 7 and its natural green hue comes from a high content of nickel. It is found in Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, South Africa & Russia.
With its beautiful green ray, chrysoprase connects strongly with healing, and bringing balance, serenity & grace
to the heart. It balances the yin-yang energies & aligns the chakras. It helps us connect with nature ~ to the devas, elementals and nature spirits all around us. It supports and facilitate powerful earth healing and rebalancing, much need at this time of powerful environmental turmoil and change. It encourages a non-judgemental attitude & acceptance of all, enhancing compassion to all living beings.
rysoprase carries an energy of growth, change and moving forward. As we move through the heart of summertime, carrying with us our hopes, plans and dreams, chrysoprase helps us to follow the path that is right for us, and accept what we cannot change at this time. It encourages us to be centred in our heart, and to face difficulties iin life from a place of strength and composure.
Chrysoprase reminds
us that we are all connected ~ it opens our hearts to receive love and abundance in all ways. It heals feelings of isolation and loneliness, and can open us to the possibilities of new relationships, helping to heal past hurts, abuse and painful memories.
The element for chrysoprase is water, and with so many of us experiencing a
wet and water-logged summer, it seems that this is the element we must embrace and learn to work with at this time! Water's message to us one of going with the flow, of acknowledging and expressing our emotions, at looking at what lies deep within us, and bringing to the surface anything that needs to be resolved and healed.
Physically, chrysoprase is a wonderful "tonic" stone, bringing healing and regeneration. Its fresh, lively
energy brings a youthfulness and vitality to all that we do. it is used to treat disorders of the reproductive system, increasing fertility. It aids in the assimilation of vitamin C.
Bring compassion to your life
this July, with beautiful, healing Chrysoprase!

August: Ametrine ~ inspiring & focusing: balances the spiritual & physical.
Ametrine Crystal Wand
Ametrine is a beautiful, natural
combination of Amethyst & Citrine, a member of the quartz family. It is generally found in Brazil and Uruguay, and its stunning combination of purple and golden yellow make it popular in jewellery.
As we enter the last month of summer, it seems fitting to focus on a stone which encompasses the vivid shades of summery purple, with subtle hues of gold creeping in, gently reminding us that the Wheel of the Year is turning and that around us nature has reached her peak in fertility and abundance, and is now gradually turning to more restful, restorative times. The synergestic blend of amethyst and citrine is very benficial energetically, and particularly at this time of gentle change in nature.
Ametrine contains the properties of both stones, and combines them to offer a new and unique energy. Amethyst is a stone of the mind, relating as it does to the brow and crown chakras. It enhances clarity and focus, increases psychic abilities and encourages us to trust our intuition and connect with and trust our own innate wisdom. Amethyst opens us to divine connection and inspiration. It is a stone of protection, strengthening the auric field and deflecting negative energy. Citrine offers creativity and confidence, and supports us as we connect with our own inner power. Together as Ametrine, these stones bring a very positive outlook, helping us to focus clearly and have the confidence to bring all we have to offer to our life. It helps us to tap into the gifts of wisdom and creativity we all have within ourselves, and to act confidently and clearly in a way that is beneficial for all. It helps us to bring information we have received on a spiritual level to the earthly plane in a creative and inspired way. It balances the spiritual with the physical.
Ametrine is a wonderful stone for those who tend towards self-doubt, are easily influenced by others, and have a fear of success. It helps us to overcome this and move forward in a strong and clear manner. It provides balance for those who tend towards procrastination and is a great study aid, especially when the brain is feeling sluggishness and unfocused.
Physically, Ametrine stimulates the brain and is helpful in improving memory, and in retention and understanding of information. It also supports acceptance of physical changes in the body, be they adolescence, menstruation, menopause or the addition of artificial limbs, organs, implants etc.
Ametrine is the perfect stone of Late Summer, enjoy its many gifts!

September: Carnelian ~ Strength & Vitality, Creativity, Manifestation
Carnelian Crystal Heart
September sees us taking a closer look at Carnelian, one of my all time favourites, and a wonderful stone to help us rekindle our inner fire as the temperature begins to drop!

Carnelian is a variety of Chalcedony, a member of the quartz family. It takes its name from the Kornel cherry because of its similarity in colour, and it is sometimes called "cornelian". Its colour ranges from deep reddy orange to pale peach, with some specimens displaying white banding. It is found in India, Brazil & Uruguay.

Ancient lore tells us that carnelian was revered as a stone of courage and leadership in battle, and these properties are still relevant today, as we face the battleground of life! Carnelian has a powerfully strengthening & stimulating energy. It awakens the life force, bringing boldness, willpower and confidence. It opens and energizes the three lower chakras ~ solar plexus, sacral and base, connecting us to the earth and to our physical body. This sense of physical grounding is vital to anything we choose to do, since without it we are like a tree without roots. Carnelian helps us find balance, to connect with the fire and inspiration within, and not deplete our energy and burn ourselves out. As the sap of the tree is being drawn inwards at this time of the year to nourish the roots, so we too must nurture and energize our physical body, in order that creativity and abundance will manifest. Carnelian "supports the temple within which the spirit resides".
Carnelian is a stone of courage, supporting us to take a leap of faith, to banish our fears and take a risk. It is a wonderful stone for those who tend to be passive and for those who are full of ideas but find it hard to manifest these ideas on the physical plane. A great stone for combating procrastination, for taking charge of your life and for putting plans into action. It encourages us to embrace transformation and change, new ideas and challenges. Carnelian has a powerful creative energy ~ it helps us to awaken our natural talents, and tap into our artistic side with love and joy. It awakens our sexual desire and the ability and urge to express physical love deeply and passionately.

Carnelian supports physical and mental strength and health. It brings vitality and a sense of wellness. It helps us to "detox", and combat destructive addictions. It balances the sexual and reproductive organs, and can be helpful in balancing the hormones. It can be used to help combat allergies.
Open to the strengthening orange glow of Carnelian this September!

October: Labradorite ~ Magic, Psychic Power & Protection
Labradorite Palmstone
Labradorite is an amazing mineral which displays flashes of gold, blue, green, orange and red. A form of labradorite called spectrolite displays a full array of spectral colours.
Its name derives from its place of discovery in the 1700s - the Labrador peninsula. It is most commonly found in Canada, Madagascar, Mexico and America. It has been revered for thousands of years as a powerful talisman, and has been used extensively in jewellery since the 1800s.
In October, as Samhain/Halloween approaches, the veil between the physical and the spirit world becomes thinner. This is traditionally a time when we honour our ancestors and communicate with those who have passed. The energy at this time of year is perfect for any kind of clairvoyance and divination, and important insights are often obtained from readings given during this time. Labradorite is a powerful and high-vibrational stone which emphasizes and helps to develop our innate magical powers. It enhances our intuitive, psychic abilities, and is a powerful ally in all types of divination. It supports those who are naturally clairvoyant, and can be used in past life regression and dreamwork. When we are ready, it opens us to communication with the spirit world and the angelic realms. It is the stone of shamans, magicians, sorcerers and all those who journey between the worlds. It is powerfully protective to all who work magically, strengthening the aura against psychic vampires and those who would consciously or unconsciously deplete energy.

Labradorite is a stone of adventure ~ keep it close by and forge a strong personal connection with it, as it opens us to a voyage of self discovery. It encourages us to abandon all attempts to control and manipulate others, encouraging us to focus specifically on developing self-awareness. Labradorite encourages us to look beyond the obvious and explore under the surface to see the hidden depths below. Sometimes compared to a murky sea, beyond labradorite's initial grey/green appearance there are gleaming gems and magical creatures to discover! It helps us to move through our life with grace, accepting change and move through our natural cycles with serenity and composure.

Physically, labradorite helps us to understand and address the root of "hidden illnesses" and negative patterns. It has been used in radionic analysis, and in the treatment of brain injuries. It amplifies healing through thoughts, prayers and affirmations.
Have an enlightening October with labradorite by your side!

November: Smokey Quartz ~ grounding, balancing & protectiveSmokey Quartz Pyramid
With November now upon us, we delve into the wonderful world of crystals once more, to bring you our crystal of the month ~ beautifully grounding Smokey Quartz.

Smokey Quartz (
aka Cairngorm) is quartz crystal with sodium, the inclusion of which gives it its rich, smokey hue. It forms in masses and crystalline points, and is found in Brazil, Pakistan, and USA as well as parts of our native Scotland. It ranges in colour from pale and clear smokey brown, to deep and dense black. Natural smokey quartz is generally paler in colour, whilst irradiated (heat-treated) smokey quartz is darker.
As the days grow shorter and winter is well on its way, November is a time when it feels natural to draw our energy inwards, taking time to rest, relax and rejuvinate. As all around us in nature, the sap of trees and plants draws inwards and downwards to nourish the very root of the plant, so we too should
take time to nourish our own roots! Smokey quartz is a beautiful crystal to support us as we do this ~ it has a gentle, yet powerful energy, which releases itself at a prolonged and steady pace. It is like a calm and stalwart friend by our side, as we move through cold and blustery days and deep, dark nights of November.
Although this is a time of "hibernation", and settling into our homes for the winter, many of us find that this is one of the most active times of the year. With winter festivities just around the corner, we can find ourselves caught up in a whirlwind of planning, present-buying and thinking ahead to how we will celebrate the Festive Season. Smokey Quartz is wonderful friend to the overworked brain and body ~ it brings a stability and steady calmness to all that we undertake, encouraging us to rise to our responsibilities and challenges with calmness and insight. It brings a sense of pride, joy
and loving, light energy to all that we do. Appropriately too, it brings astuteness in managing our finances, which is especially helpful for many at this time of year.
As if to remind us to take some "time out", smokey quartz
is a wonderful meditation stone, balancing & grounding the wearer while encouraging clarity of thought & inner vision. Its powerful grounding energies hold one's attention to the moment, removing moments of 'drifting off'. It is extremely balancing to mind, body and soul ~ on a physical level it aligns the meridians and keeps our energy grounded; it brings equilibrium to the mind, while opening us to a lightness of heart and feelings of deep joy.
Smokey quartz is an uplifting stone, which can be particularly helpful at this time of year when many of us feel the onset of "winter-time blues". It
helps to dissolve negativity & emotional blockages, softening "hard" emotions and dissolving any unnecessary blocks and barriers we have constructed in our heart, allowing for the emergence of a sense of joy and affection. It helps to mend troubled relationships, dissolving barriers created by misunderstanding, opening the communication channels. It helps to ease worry and confusion, bringing a sense of mental clarity and calmness. At the same time it is highly protective, and forms an energetic barrier against any harmful negative energy, keeping us safe and free from "cling-ons"!
Physically, Smokey Quartz is
used to prevent congestion in the glands & organs around the solar plexus area, & relieve disorders of the hands & feet.
Carry smokey quartz in your pocket this November and enjoy every moment!

December: Selenite ~ Clearing, cleansing & peaceful
Selenite Crystal Stick
With winter now well underway, the perfect choice for December must surely be Selenite, with its snowy, ice-like appearance, and cool, clearing energy.
A form of Gypsum, selenite is a soft,delicate and water- crystal, with a hardness of 2. It is closely related to fibrous gypsum (satin spar), and also to. Selenite is most commonly white in colour, but can also be peach, grey and green. It comes most often from Mexico, but can also be found in the USA, Australia & Greece.
At this time of year our attention and intention often turns inwards, with our focus being more on our inner selves. As we rest and rejuvinate during these winter months, many people feel an increased level of spiritual awareness and sensitivity. At this time it seems important for us to work closely, peacefully and harmoniously, for the greater good of our planet and all who reside here.
Selenite is a wonderful choice to work with at this time, as it opens the doors to the higher self, allowing us to access information and guidance from the spiritual realms. It is a beautiful and peaceful meditation stone ~ very much a stone of light. When used consciously, it opens & activates the upper chakras, enabling us to make a powerful spiritual connection. Holding a piece of selenite or placing one at the crown of the head can open us to images and messages from our spirit guides and guardian angels. It can also help us to access information on past lives. It brings clarity of mind, and helps us to see "under the surface" of a situation, promoting deeper understanding.
Wonderful energy grids can be made by placing 6 or more selenite rods or wands to form a grid ~ this can activate and an area, banish negative energy, and cleanse and charge crystals or other healing tools. Lying in the centre of a selenite grid is a powerful experience, opening us to spiritual asc
ension. It also blends harmoniously with other crystals, and can amplify the energy of other crystals it is used in conjunction with. It looks stunning on a lightbox, containing and amplifying the colours beautifully and sending rays of healing energy into its environment as it does.
is a powerful cleansing stone, and is often used by therapists to cleanse the aura of any negativity prior to healing. It can help to energetic blockages, align the chakras, and generally ensure that we are clear of any "cling-ons" and debris - exactly as we would wish to be as we enter a new year and a time of such intense change! As it clears away negative blockages, selenite also prevents stagnation in any situation, encouraging us to move forward in a positive and motivated way, sometimes moving out of our "comfort zone" to face new and exciting experiences and challenges.
A helpful stone in business, many people find that placing a piece of selenite in the window of their business premises can help to increase trade. Certainly it will help to shift the energy and move forward any project forward in a clear and focused manner.
Physically, as well as energetically, selenite is helpful in clearing blockages and helping to support the meridians and chakra system and keep us balanced and clear on all levels. It can be helpful in spinal,
especially when a selenite rod or want is placed directly on the spine. It can help to regenerate cellular structure, and is thought to the life span.
With so many people being drawn to work with this wonderful stone at the moment, and it becoming increasingly readily available, Selenite certainly feels very much the "crystal of the moment", and certainly the Crystal of the Month! Enjoy all that Selenite has to offer, this December and beyond!